Stocking & Thomas provides a wide range of legal services to land trusts, nonprofit organizations, and private individuals in the areas of real estate, conservation (including conservation easements), wills and basic estate planning, nonprofit governance and support, and policy consulting. 


First trained as an historical archaeologist, receiving a Ph.D. in anthropology, Brian Thomas worked for over 25 years in the areas of cultural resource management and environmental permitting and policy before joining Fred Stocking to form Stocking & Thomas. He completed his law degree in 2013, the same year he moved to Maine from Atlanta, and is an active member of the bar in both Maine and Georgia.

In addition to a legal practice focused on land conservation and non-profits, Brian leans on the experience he gained during 9 years as a state representative in the Georgia General Assembly and his environmental permitting experience to assist clients on natural resource and other public policy issues.


Fred Stocking retired from the firm at the end of 2017.